Why Excel VBA Cheat Sheets... ?

“When I was learning Excel VBA over 10 years ago... I wish I had quick reference guides for those things I couldn't remember...  

So now that I love using Excel VBA I decided to make special one-page Cheat Sheets to help you as you write Excel VBA Macros!”

Victor Chan

Founder, Launch Excel

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Excel VBA Cheat Sheet - General Reference ($10 value) Get this for FREE 

Excel VBA Cheat Sheet - General Reference PDF [IMAGE]
  • General VBA Reference
  • VBA terms explained (object, property, method etc.)
  • Declaring different procedures (function, private, public)
  • Declaring different variables (dim, const, static, private, public)
  • VBA Data Types (string, integer, long, single, double etc.)
  • and more...!

Excel VBA Cheat Sheet - Keyboard Shortcuts ($10 value) Get this for only $5 

[IMAGE] Cheat Sheet Shortcuts
  • Over 40 of the most used keyboard shortcuts
  • Running VBA code (e.g. F8 step into)
  • Writing VBA code (e.g. Ctrl + Space to complete a word)
  • Navigating Code modules
  • Accessing VBA Editor menus / options

Excel VBA Cheat Sheet - Decisions and Loops ($10 value) Get this for only $5

[IMAGE] Cheat Sheet Decisions
  • Covers the 5 most common decision structures and loops in Excel VBA
  • If... Else... End If
  • Select... Case
  • For ... Next loop
  • For Each ... Next loop
  • Do While loop
  • With VBA code samples you can copy

Excel VBA Cheat Sheet - Efficiency and Speed ($10 value) Get this for only $5

[IMAGE] Cheat Sheet Efficiency
  • Shows you how to speed up your VBA code with best practices
  • Turn off screen updates, status bar updates, events and calculation - before you run the main part of your Macro
  • What to AVOID (hint: selecting objects) if you want to have faster Macros
  • With VBA code you can use straight away in your own Macros

Get all Excel VBA cheat sheets in $15 bundle... ($40 value)